Chickpea Flour Flatbread with Cashew ‘Cheese’ & Crumbled Tempeh.

Inspired by the flavors of both Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines, I wanted to create a protein-packed, plant-based comfort dish, that featured: Creamy cashew ‘cheese’, roasted peppers, caramelized onion, meaty tempeh crumble, and socca aka chickpea-flour flatbread. Each nutrient-dense bite is rich in flavor and texture – so one slice goes a long way! Socca is a versatile base for many different savory combinations. Once you prep the flatbread/s, feel free to add whatever toppings you enjoy! Adjusting this recipe to suit your personal preferences. You can also just use the cashew cheese, and/or the tempeh crumble recipes – to incorporate into plenty of different dishes! Keep each component separate, to assemble into multiple meals throughout the week- making the most of your precious time in the kitchen. As always, my goal is to provide you with healthy culinary ideas, to inspire your whole food, plant-based cooking!

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