Making Nacatamales in Nicaragua.

I spent the last month travelling in Nicaragua and had the opportunity to learn about the local cuisine and food culture. On the gorgeous island of Ometepe, I stayed at Hacienda Merida, an amazing place offering accommodations and a sustainably-constructed English school. Their lovely staff generously guided me through the day-long process of making nacatamales. From harvesting the banana (plantain) leaves, to grinding the maize, I enjoyed participating in the creation of this special traditional dish. After the day of prep, the final result was memorably delicious! the creamy, polenta-like maize, spiced mixed root vegetables, sweet/acidic tomato and aromatic mint all wrapped in banana leaf made for a perfect mouthful. While I may not be able to reproduce this recipe exactly the same here in Canada, I am grateful for having had the experience of making and eating this beautiful dish in Nicaragua!

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