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Prioritizing vs. Compromising our basic needs for optimal health.

As a Holistic Health Practitioner, I encourage clients to PRIORITIZE rather than COMPROMISE their basic needs – in the areas of diet, exercise, sleep & stress. Once an individual identifies what their specific physical and emotional needs are, we work on making these needs a priority, to help them live a healthier, and more balanced life. When we compromise our basic needs for the needs of others, we cannot be our best selves, and as a result, cannot GIVE to others in our fullest capacity.

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Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D) & The Winter Blues. A Holistic Approach.

  Winter’s shorter, dark days, and cold weather affects many of us living in the Northern Hemisphere to some degree. While some people experience a slight dip in mood and energy, aka the ‘winter blues’, others endure a more severe condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder, or S.A.D, as it is appropriately abbreviated to. Officially defined […]

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