Quinoa & Roasted Beet Salad with Seeds & Basil Dressing.

This nutrient-dense and satisfying ‘complete meal’ salad is rich in earthy, nutty flavors, and multiple textures. The quinoa, almonds, and pumpkin seeds – provide protein, good fats, and fiber. Along with the leafy greens, which offer plenty of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants – the juicy sweet cherry tomatoes, and hearty roasted beets, create a hearty dish. Everything is brought together with the fresh, aromatic basil dressing! I suggest preparing enough of each component, to enjoy for 3 days worth of meals – saving time in the kitchen!

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My Staple Salad Dressing. Probiotic-Packed & Delicious.

Making a nutritious and delicious salad dressing will inspire you to eat more veggies throughout the week! Once you find a recipe that you enjoy, prepare enough for at least three days worth of meals, making it easier and assemble a quick salad for lunch or dinner. I encourage you to experiment with different spices, herbs, aromatics, vinegars, oils, and fermented items – like the miso and nutritional yeast featured here. These ingredients not only enhance the flavor of your dressing, but offer fermented, probiotic boosting benefits – that support immunity, and gut health!

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