Raspberry Cashew ‘Cheesecake’. A Healthy No-Bake Dessert.

This bright and delicious berry dessert, is made from nutritious whole foods – with no refined ingredients. Composed mostly of nuts, dried fruit, berries, and a little maple syrup – to sweeten the creamy cashews. The frozen berries, fresh lemon and ginger, provide plenty of flavor, and balance the natural sweetness of the recipe. Texturally, the […]

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Wild Blueberry Cashew ‘Cheesecake’. A Healthy Plant-Based Raw Dessert.

This bright, nutritious, and delicious dessert is made whole, real plant-based ingredients – with no added refined sweeteners or oils. Featuring wild blueberries, rich in anthocyanin – a potent flavonoid antioxidant, responsible for the dark purple pigment of this fruit. The protein-packed cashews make up the tart’s filling, providing healthy unsaturated fats, and a rich, creamy texture. Paired with the date and almond-based crust, each element of this recipe offers a different texture, taste, and spectrum of nutrients. Enjoy this satisfying sweet bite, and feel good afterwards!

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