Danielle Levy, R.H.N, N.C


Danielle is a Registered Holistic Nutrition. Graduate of Bauman College (2008), and the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (2009). She offers One-on-one Sessions, and Wholistic Health Programs. Specializing in whole food plant-based nutrition, gut health (IBS/IBD), food allergies / sensitivities, hormone balance, and mindful eating. Danielle teaches sustainable nutrition at Concordia University, in Montreal. As a holistic health educator, she also offers Workplace Wellness talks and presentations. A passionate speaker, and writer on the topics of Wholistic nourishment, and Natural Living – Danielle integrates her passion for the environment, with Health and well-being.

“From a Wholistic perspective, food is just one foundational aspect of nourishment. 
It starts with food – and from here, we can grow positively in all areas of our lives.
Benefiting us, our communities, and the planet!” 🌿D.Levy