Oat & Carrot Baked Donuts With Tahini, Maple Glaze & Hemp Seeds.


Ingredients: Carrots (scrubbed/unpeeled), unsweetened apple sauce, rolled oats, maple syrup, vanilla, cinnamon, pinch of salt, dry-toasted sesame seeds, and hemp seeds.


Roughly chop the carrots and add them to a food processor. Set aside in a large bowl.


Add the oats, cinnamon, and salt to the food processor. Pulse into a chunky crumble.


Add the carrot back into the food processor with the oat mix. Pulse to combine.


Add the oat/carrot mixture to your large bowl. Stir in the unsweetened applesauce, vanilla, and maple syrup.
Refrigerate for 30 min-1 hour before scooping the mix into an olive-oil sprayed donut or muffin pan.
Bake at 350F for 50-60 min or until they are fully cooked. While you’re waiting for them to bake, prep the tahini & maple glaze!


I made my own tahini by mixing dry-toasted sesame seeds in a coffee grinder, until it formed a paste. It is fresher (less bitter) and free off added oils, when you make it yourself. Alternatively you can use pre-made tahini.



Add the tahini and maple syrup to a blender and mix until smooth. Set aside.


Once the donuts are cooked, brush over the glaze. Sprinkle on some toasted oats and hemp seeds.


Do the same if you used a muffin tin instead!





These whole food, plant-based delicious donuts (or muffins) are composed of only real, nutritious ingredients – with no added sugars or oils. They are packed with fiber-rich complex carbohydrates – offering steady energy! The applesauce acts as an oil replacer, making it a low fat recipe. The applesauce and carrots also add natural sweetness, so you don’t have to use much maple syrup – a minimally processed, lower glycemic option. The tahini and hemp seeds are a source of protein, minerals, and Omega 3’s. The whole family will enjoy these satisfying, healthy baked goods for breakfast, snack, or dessert! Also a nutrient-dense pre-workout option, instead of processed granola bars for example.


• 4 cups rolled oats (split in 2), toasted lightly in a dry pan or lined baking sheet in the oven
• 1 cup maple syrup (split in 2)
• 1/4th cup tahini (homemade by dry-toasting and grinding sesame seeds or store-bought)
• 1-cup unsweetened applesauce
• 4 carrots, shredded (scrubbed not peeled to maintain nutrients found in the skin)
• 3 tablespoons hemp seeds
• 3 tsp cinnamon
• 2 tsp vanilla extract
• Pinch of salt


1. Heat the oven to 350F. In a food processor, pulse the rolled oats, cinnamon & salt. Set aside.
2. In the food processor, pulse the carrots into a mince. Add the rolled oat mixture in with the carrots. Pulse to combine.
3. Empty the oat/carrot mix into a large bowl. Add the vanilla, applesauce, and half the maple syrup. Set aside in the fridge to let the mix firm up for 30min-60min.
4. Meanwhile, make the glaze. Add the tahini and rest of the maple syrup to a blender, mix until smooth. Set aside.
5. In a bowl, coat 1/4 cup of rolled in enough maple syrup to coat (about 2 tablespoons), and spread over a lined baking sheet. Bake for 15-20 min, until crispy. Set aside to cool.
6. Spray a donut or muffin pan with olive oil, and spoon in the mixture.
7. Bake for 50 min at 350 or until they are cooked. Spread over the glaze, and top with toasted oats and hemp seeds.

Nutrition Tips:

  1. Rolled oats are a good souce of iron, fiber, and amino acids (protein).
  2. The applesauce provides moisture and sweetness to baked goods, offering vitamin C and potassium.
  3. Carrots add natural sweetness and flavor, while providing vitamins A, C, K, potassium, calcium and fiber. Scrub rather than peel your carrots, as most of the nutrients are found in the skins!
  4. Tahini is a great source of calcium, iron, magnesium, fiber, and amino acids (protein).
  5. Hemp seeds are packed with omega 3 essential fatty acids, protein, fiber, iron, magnesium, zinc, and B vitamins. Some people dislike the distinct flavor of hemp, which is why it’s mixed with the oats as a topping – making it very subtle. I added it as a booster ingredient, to make this recipe more nutritionally complete. I also personally adore the nutty taste of hemp!

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