Pallet Herb Garden. Phase One.



Basil / Dill / Vietnamese coriander


Garlic chives / Parsley / Purple basil


Coriander / Parsley / Mint / Lemon balm


I also planted some rosemary and pansy & viola edible flowers.


Pallet gardens are a brilliant way to grow a large quantity of plants in a small space, given its vertical framework. Being that I have a narrow balcony to use for gardening, I was excited about the potential of this wooden shipping pallet! My mother, an avid gardener, kindly helped me refurbish the simple pallet into a lovely herb garden. Discarded pallets can be found all over the city and I found mine in an alleyway. Using geotextile fabric from the good people at Montreal’s Urban Seedling, we staple gunned pockets of material between the wooden slats for the plants to grow. Finally, I rested the pallet on two old wooden wine boxes filled with more herbs. This was the first planting phase as I plan to add more herbs into the empty sections, to take full advantage of the pallet’s growing capability.
What are YOU growing this season? have you tried any new or unique planting methods? Please leave comments below!

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  • Hannah March 30, 2015   Reply →

    This is such an amazing idea and looks great too 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

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