Food MythBusters. Industrial VS. Sustainable Agriculture.

This informative and comprehensive video describes the differences between large-scale conventional agriculture vs. small-scale organic farming, and dispels the myth that industrial agriculture and biotechnology is necessary to feed the world. Understanding where our food comes by learning about the agricultural industry, allows us to make healthier, more environmentally-friendly choices as consumers of food each day. We can choose to support a more equitable and sustainable food system by purchasing local, organic or small-scale produced food as well as adopting a plant-based diet, low in animal products-which have the highest eco-footprint. We can also be mindful of buying direct or fair trade speciality items like coffee, tea, and dark chocolate that are grown in accordance with sustainable practices. Considering these factors is part of a holistically-healthy diet and life!

The host of this video, Anna Lappé, is the creator of Food MythBusters and co-founder/director of The Small Planet Institute, a fantastic organization that works to educate the public about food issues and democracy.

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