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Jack Monroe is a 25-year old single mom whose now famous blog, A Girl Called Jack, features healthy recipes on a low-income budget. Jack has only been able to afford £10 per week ($16.40) to feed both her and her 3-year-old son. Despite her financial constraints, Jack has made every effort to provide her son with healthy meals, cooking from scratch and getting creative in the kitchen. Jack was inspired to blog about her experience as a way to help bring awareness and change to the issue of hunger in the UK. Her fantastic recipes and articles caught the media’s attention, which led a cookbook deal with Penguin publishing house! Jack has used this positive attention to help others like herself, raising more than $4000 for Oxfam through her Live Below The Line challenge.

Unfortunately, Jack’s story is not uncommon and the problem of 1st world urban hunger is not limited to the UK. Approximately 9.4% of Canadians are considered ‘low-income’, which means that many of our neighbors are struggling to feed themselves and their families. This is a reminder to not only be grateful for the food we have but also to give support to those who are not so fortunate.

The following organizations are dedicated to the issue of hunger/food security here in Montreal so please check them out for further info:

– Quebec Collective Kitchens Association http://www.rccq.org

– Collective Kitchens of Grand Plateau http://www.ccgp-montreal.org/

– Le Garde-Manger Pour Tous http://www.garde-manger.qc.ca/fr/default.idigit

– Santropol Roulant http://santropolroulant.org

– Sun Youth http://sunyouthorg.com/en/

– Montreal Diet Dispensary Montreal Diet Dispensary (MDD) http://www.ddm-mdd.org/

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