Raw Mango Coconut & Sesame Tart.




The crust is made from 2 ingredients: 1 cup raw almonds and 1 cup whole pitted dates.


First crush up the almonds into fine pieces in a food processor.


Add some cacao powder to the almonds (the dry mixture) and pulse to combine.


Add the dates and blend some more until the mixture forms a dough/ball.



Line the tart molds with plastic wrap so that the sticky crust doesn’t stay on the mold.


Press the crust into the molds with your fingers so that if forms an even layer all around.



Peel the mango…


Using a mandoline, carefully slice the mango into thin strips (like mango sashimi!)


It’s ok if the mango is not all the exact same size, just ensure that you use all edible parts of the mango so as not to waste any goodness.


Layer the mango slices onto the tart base, evenly distributing it around.




Sprinkle the lightly toasted desiccated coconut and toasted black sesame seeds over the mango. Place the tart in the freezer to allow the tart to set, which also makes it easy to take out of the plastic wrap for plating.


Remove the frozen tart from the plastic wrap, and plate up. Allow the semi-frozen tart to sit long enough for the mango to defrost before serving. It should be cold but not ice-cold.



This dessert was inspired by the mango & sticky rice Thai dessert that is a staple in Thailand, a dish I never got sick of eating while living there. Everyone makes a slightly different version, but my favourite was May Kaidee‘s mango-sticky rice, which was garnished with fresh coconut shavings and sesame seeds. Last night one of my closest friends Emilia, who happens to be a fantastic cook + gluten-free baker, had myself and some others over for dinner. I was excited to share this dessert as my contribution to the meal, and was overjoyed when my friends ate-it-up!


1. You only need 5 ingredients to make this yummy AND healthy dessert: Raw natural almonds, whole dates, whole fresh mango, dried coconut, and sesame seeds. If you’re using cooking dates which are drier, soak them in hot water for 10 minutes and then drain, in order to moisten and plump them up a bit.

2. Not only is this a delicious sweet treat, but it also provides good quality nutrients:
– 1 cup of sliced mango provides 25% RDA Vitamin A and 76% RDA Vitamin C
– 1 cup of almonds provides 20 gr of protein, 25% calcium RDA, and 20% Iron RDA

3. This dish is dairy-free, egg-free, refined sugar-free, and gluten-free, and if you’re allergic to nuts, try using sunflower seeds.

4. If you can’t find ripe mango, you can try this recipe with sliced peeled apple, pear, or banana.

5. This is a quick dessert to make! It does not require any baking/use of a hot oven, which makes it an appropriate spring & summer dish. The main time-factor is allowing at least 2 hours for the tart to freeze and set.

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