Wild Blueberry Cashew ‘Cheesecake’. A Healthy Dessert.

This vibrant, vitamin and mineral-rich, dairy-free dessert is packed with nutrients and deliciousness! While it may taste luxurious, it is made from entirely nourishing, wholesome ingredients – without any added refined sugars or oils. Being winter in Canada, we have limited fresh local fruits available – so frozen berries are a flavorful option. Wild blueberries are especially rich in anthocyanin, a potent flavonoid antioxidant – responsible for the dark purple pigment of this fruit. The good unsaturated fats found in cashews, provides a natural thick and creamy texture – creating a cheesecake-like consistency. Adding lemon zest to the crust and topping of this tart, provides a slightly acidic tang – resembling the ‘cheese’ in standard cheesecake. While this is a healthy dessert recipe, it is still rich, and satisfying! Allowing you to enjoy the eating experience, while still feeling good afterwards!

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Summer Peach, Ginger & Lemon Tart. A Whole Food Plant-Based Dessert.

Ontario peaches are now in season, and I have been enjoying them in every way! Grilled or shaved in salads, turned into desserts like this tart, and simply eaten whole as a snack. This fresh, nutritious and delicious raw dessert, is quick and easy to prepare. It only require two essential kitchen tools: a mandoline and a food processor, both of which are very handy in plant-based cooking, as it allows one to turn whole vegetables and fruits into different textures and creative dishes!

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