I consider the big or whole picture of each individual and their health.

Helping people to develop a kinder relationship with themselves, and an improved overall sense of well-being.

Basic nutrition education is at the foundation – providing people with simple guidelines.

While acknowledging the mind-body connection in my recommendations.

Recipes are also included in my services as practical tools.

New Client/Initial Session
Health History Assessment
90-minute One-on-One Meeting
Diet Recommendations
Plant-Based Recipes
Grocery Shopping List
Follow-up Sessions
60-minute One-on-One Meeting

Olivia Commune

"Meeting with Danielle was truly transformational. I went to see her because I wanted to slowly transition into a more plant-based diet. Not only did I get specific ideas and recommendations for that, but more importantly I gained a deep sense of empowerment. Our relationship with food, or at least mine, is very intertwined with my self worth and I used to experience a lot of shame for not always making the right choices. Danielle's approach is really focused on the small steps you can take to have a healthier diet and lifestyle. Now I literally hear her kind and encouraging voice in my head supporting me and helping me do my best even if it's only drinking a proper amount of water that day. No more shame is involved and instead my relationship with food is filled with possibilities of improving it one meal at a time in a mindful way. Thank you Danielle!"

A. Bursey

“Danielle is a star! A few months after my diagnosis of cancer, I sought out her advice and guidance to optimize my vegetarian diet and transform it into a healing regime. Danielle’s enthusiasm is infectious! She was a role model from the very start, being so fit and healthy herself, was patient and without judgement. I was inspired by her approach as she prepared my nutritional programme, provided delicious recipes to simplify my cooking and set me on a course that I could manage and am now maintaining with ease. I have recommended Danielle to friends with confidence knowing she will inspire others to enjoy a healthier lifestyle through her coaching practice.”

A. Lachance

"I started working with Danielle for the sole purpose of losing weight. I have to say, Danielle opened my eyes to a whole world of possibilities and has become a real role model for me. After working closely with her for 6 months, I’m at a place in my life I could have never imagined being. She has so much passion for what she does and it really translates in how she works with people. Her “joie de vivre” is contagious and I’d say anyone would be lucky to meet her, let alone work with her."

N. Walker

“My experience with Danielle Levy has been an amazing journey of discovery, not only of healthy eating but healthy living as a whole. Her positivity, encouragement and regular check-ins provide motivation and show her dedication to helping clients with whatever goals they may be trying to achieve. Her blog and detailed menu ideas are so helpful and continue inspiring and guiding me as I work towards a balanced, healthy and happy lifestyle. I am forever grateful for the advice and positive path Danielle has set me on!”

L. Belanger

“To best convey my appreciation of the high quality and effectiveness of your services, a few words come to mind: knowledgeable, enthusiastic, pragmatic, caring, listening, professional, tailored fit tools, programs and objectives.”

L. Griffiths

“Danielle’s consultations were the best way to start the New Year. After adopting her nutrition and meal planning tips and by being more conscious of what, when and why I was eating, I noticed a drastic surge of energy and change in how I felt that were so uplifting that I never wanted to go back to my old eating habits. Danielle’s approach (which includes amazing recipes, a tremendous amount of support, relevant information) completely reframed the way I approach and feel about food and I can’t thank her enough for that!”

R. Lloyd

“It is an absolute pleasure working with Danielle. Her infectious positive energy gives you something to aspire to. You can see right away that this is clearly a person who practices what she teaches. And if her personal energy isn’t enough of a testament to her skills, her very thorough analysis of your needs should be. I was taken aback at how in depth and well rounded her initial consultation was – from her initial survey, to how well she was prepared, to the completeness of her analysis and her follow-up. Her blog has become a regular resource and I’ve been very happy incorporating several of the recipes she’s posted into my regular meal plans. Danielle is clearly a dedicated professional who takes care to see the whole picture.”

D. Jarry-Shore

"Since working with Danielle, I have lost weight, and I feel less hungry in between meals. Instead of going out to restaurants several times a week, I now eat mostly homemade meals. I am eating way more vegetables and legumes, and continue to experiment with new foods like tempeh, and farro. Overall, I've made lots of positive changes - and have experienced great results from Danielle's Diet & Lifestyle recommendations!"

J. Godin

"Danielle inspired some real changes in my life, like planning and preparing healthy snacks ahead of time, involving my family members in food preperation, and making nutrition a priority. She is full of practical knowledge, and is passionate about food! Her enthusiasm is contagious, and inspiring. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for ways to move to a more plant-based diet, and a healthy lifestyle."

S. Wilson

"Danielle has helped me in more ways than I can count! Her approach to food, nutrition, and wellness is so incredibly well rounded and unique. She has helped me transition as a vegetarian to a more plant-based lifestyle by encouraging me and helping me form good habits and by helping me loosen the ties to the bad ones. It has been an absolutely incredible, eye-opening journey working with Danielle. She has taught me patience and self-love, all through food and nutrition, and I am so glad to still be working with her!"

J. Duffin

“After accessing Danielle’s services I have made major changes in my diet and have noticed a definite increase in my energy levels, as well as a decrease in pain and inflammation. As someone who suffers from chronic pain this is a huge deal! I have also invested more time into my daily and weekly meal planning. Danielle really makes nutritional information accessible and fun, and I would highly recommend her services!”

M. Katz

"I started working with Danielle when I was sorting out my IBS. I was prescribed an intense diet, and needed some help with my new way of life. The support that I received was incredible -not only did I get information about nutrition, but we also worked out lifestyle changes and planned new habits to make the whole shift realistic. Danielle was available, knowledgeable, and very encouraging. She supplies meal plans, shopping lists, and practical tools that I still use every day. I am now totally cured of my digestive problems, and don't think I could have done it without her help. Would highly recommend!."

T. Kowynia

“After having several ongoing concerns with my skin, digestion and sleep, I was in an endless cycle of prescription medication that just seemed to lead to more problems. Danielle helped me realize that most of my issues are connected and have to be resolved at the root rather than just treating the symptoms all the time. My issues have noticeably improved since I started taking her suggestions, including my stress level. I really felt like she listened to me and took everything I said into consideration. Her menu plan offered easy recipes that work well with my busy schedule, and she followed up with many suggestions of new things to try. Her extensive knowledge and optimism encourage me to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep a positive relationship with food.”

C. Pomeroy

"From the moment I met Danielle I felt inspired and energized to take charge of my health. Danielle helped me to zero in on areas for improvement and focus my energy on what I wanted to accomplish and how to make it happen. I'm so glad I found Danielle, she has most definitely been a positive influence in my healthcare regime. Each time I leave an appointment with her I feel full of life, re-energized and refocused on my goals. I have her to thank for all of the positive changes I've made within the last couple of years and I will be forever grateful I crossed paths with her."

N. Kakon

“Danielle’s integrative holistic 3-month program made me a stronger being, by allowing me to reach into another level of my pyramid. My relationship to food completely changed. Danielle’s program was the only one that taught me a balanced eating structure. It’s not only about the food you eat, it’s how you feed yourself. Through her program, I learnt, my relationship with food is reflective of my relationship to life, and if I wasn’t well fed how could I be strong enough to teach, learn and move without causing stress to my own body. Danielle teaches you how to prepare your week, integrate food into your day and makes sure you feel supported along the way. With this 3-month program we can change our habits and our relationship with food, because we literally are what we eat, we can transform our bodies and minds by choosing to create an optimal food plan for ourselves. I recommend it to anyone! The stronger you feel, the stronger you become! Let this 3-month program be the catalyst in your life. I feel Nourished!!”

S. O’Bready

“Although I’ve been a vegetarian for fifteen years, I never felt that I was good at it so moving towards a plant based diet was scary because I thought I would have even fewer options. I wanted to do this right, so upon a recommendation I decided to set up a meeting with Danielle. I can honestly say that this was the best thing I have ever done for my health. Danielle created a meal plan that was both delicious and perfectly suited for my on-the-go lifestyle. She gave me many resources that made the transition to a plant based diet easy and was always available to answer my questions and offer me support and encouragement. Thanks to Danielle, I now eat better than I ever did and have all the tools to continue living a healthy life.”

S. Kruger

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Danielle. Her passion and enthusiasm for a healthy life is contagious. Thanks to Danielle I have learned the skills necessary to execute and enjoy making and eating delicious nutritious food.”

K. Schmidt

“Danielle enthusiastically and energetically relayed lots of information that I had been searching for. She provided me with meal plans and recipes to help me get going, suggesting helpful kitchen gadgets I had never heard of! She gave me guidelines and tools that helped me move beyond rigidly following a meal plan and helped me be more creative and diverse in my eating habits. She helped me every step of the way, making sure I was never hungry and tweaking the plan so it suited my needs and took into account my work and school schedule. Not only did Danielle help me reach my goal of getting back down to a size medium, and increasing my energy, she provided me with stress-management tools and promoted positive psychology. I am forever grateful for the tools Danielle has provided me with to carry out proper eating for life!”