Why do people usually use your services, and how do you help them?

Most of my clients come to address low energy, digestive distress, weight issues, and/or to transition towards a healthy, well-balanced plant-based diet. I look at all aspects of a person‘s life and health, not just their nutritional intake. Including their stress level, physical activity, sleep health, and their relationship with food. All of which are connected, related to the individual’s symptoms, and relevant to their goals. Creating healthy habit change takes time. It is a process that requires personal readiness, patience, and care. Most people experience significant, positive health transformation when they commit to the 3-month program. I provide them with key nutritional knowledge, a personalized health plan, and ongoing support – through regular check-in calls & email correspondence!

Do you provide insurance receipts?
Yes, I offer insurance receipts for those covered under Nutrition. This is different from Naturopathy or Dietetics. My insurance providers are CANNP.

What methods of payment do you accept for your online services?
I accept e-transfer and Paypal.

I know you advocate a plant-based diet, but I still want to eat some animal products - can we still work together?
Absolutely! A whole food plant-based approach is not the same as a vegan diet. ‘Plant-based’ means just that – a diet that is rich in a wide variety of whole nutrient-dense plant foods, including plenty of vegetables. The individual can choose to continue eating a small quantity of animal products, if they wish. However, there is an emphasis on whole plant sources of protein. When we shift the focus away from what we CAN’T eat, to what we CAN eat – we also develop a more flexibly, and positive relationship with food!