Wishing you a Happy & Healthy New Year.


Inspired by this ‘life balance wheel’ by Mallika Chopra. The New Year is a time that reminds us to reflect upon our personal priorities, and future goals. Of course, each new day gifts us this same opportunity, and design the life we want. However, I still support this annual ritual of taking stock. If you are looking to reflect, and plan for a healthier year – consider the the following exercise:
– Make a list identifying where you invest your time, each week: Looking at the number of hours spent at work, socializing, resting, cooking, exercising, enjoying down-time, engaging in creative expression etc.
– Then make a list of your life priorities: This may include your health, career, family life, relationships, creative expression, spiritual/personal development etc.
Compare these lists, identify the discrepancies or imbalances between them, and make adjustments accordingly. Designing your life in a way that aligns your time with your priorities. Living less out of habit, and more out of intent!

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