Determine Your Priorities. Holistically Healthy Diet & Lifestyle Change.


How do you spend your time? This is a reflection of our priorities. Priorities are those things/people/activities we treat as more important and valuable, compared to others. A healthy, balanced lifestyle is achieved when we pair our priorities with our personal needs and values. Bringing attention and intention to how you choose to spend your time is part of my holistic approach to adopting and maintaining a healthy diet & lifestyle. Try documenting a week of your life, and then review and note how you spend your time (working/socializing/ cooking/exercising/relaxing etc.) in order of priority. Then write a list of your personal priorities in order of importance, and compare this to your current lifestyle. Checking in with yourself this way, helps develop insight into how you spend time/what you prioritize, and whether or not this matches the things you value in life!

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