Redefining Failure to Reach Personal Success.


Make a plan. Write it down. Try your best. Then cut yourself some slack. If you fall off the healthy path, embrace this ‘failure’ as an opportunity to learn about yourself and move forward with further wisdom! In my view, the way in which we perceive failure has everything to do with our success in adopting & maintaining a healthy diet & lifestyle. The process of adopting new habits, always involves the possibility of failing at some point. By accepting and embracing failure as a natural part of this process/life, and approving of ourselves no matter what – we can achieve real & realistic change! Success isn’t born from fear of failing, it grows out of resilience. After all, we have tomorrow for a reason.

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  • sophia April 19, 2015   Reply →

    YES! TOTALLY! no hamr in making mistakes, as long as you aren’t constantly making the same ones! that’s how learning happens. also, sometimes the only way to know your limits is to make mistakes. AS ALWAYS, love your blog.

    • Danielle Levy April 21, 2015   Reply →

      Yes! very well said 🙂 Thank you for contributing your wise thoughts!!

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