Positive Self-Talk. Holistic Health.


My approach to holistic nutrition is based on the notion that all aspects of a person are interconnected. Recognizing the influence and power of the mind is essential in helping people achieve their diet & lifestyle goals. I encourage my clients to challenge negative self-talk with positive thinking! Harness your thoughts by observing self-destructive inner dialogue or self-doubt, in a non-judgemental way, and mindfully replacing these thoughts with uplifting & motivating statements.
Write down any self-defeating thoughts that you notice, and next to them, write a self-compassionate affirmation to counter it. This practice may seem contrived or uncomfortable at first, but with some time, your brain will learn to spot that inner ‘mean voice’ more quickly, replacing it was a nurturing voice, which prevents the development of downward negative feelings that can hinder healthy progress. After all, the mind is a muscle! it takes consistent effort to strengthen it, but this kind of ‘mental workout’ is well worth the effort. It is just as important as daily physical activity. Working with people who have struggled to adopt healthy habits in the past, I’ve learned that this activity is key for meaningful, sustainable change!

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