Be Present. A Daily Practice for Stress-Management & Optimal Health.


Learning to be present in yourself by becoming more in tuned with your thoughts, feelings, and sensations, supports healthy diet and lifestyle choices. When we make decisions based on our thoughts, emotions (which are often habitual reactions), we are more vulnerable to making diet & lifestyle choices that do not serve us. Thoughts and emotions come and go like clouds in the sky, we can simply observe them as such, rather than acting on them. Rather, try focusing on the present moment, your inner stillness. Calmly come back to this space whenever your mind wanders, or you notice yourself getting caught in feelings or sensations. Connect with your inner and outer environment: pay attention to your breath, close your eyes, or gently gaze at something in your surroundings. Practicing ‘mindfulness’ in this way, can help you make healthier & wiser diet & lifestyle choices!

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