Kitchen Sink Salad with Sesame-Ginger Dressing.

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Salad Ingredients:
– Mango
– Carrots
– Red pepper
– Bean sprouts
– Romaine lettuce
– English cucumber
– Sesame seeds, toasted in a dry skillet

Dressing Ingredients:
– Braggs (or tamari/low-sodium soy sauce)
– Maple syrup
– Rice vinegar (unseasoned)
– Lime juice
– Toasted sesame oil
– Grated ginger & garlic
– Sriracha

A ‘kitchen-sink salad’ is all about making use of whatever whole food ingredients you have on hand, including vegetables, fruit, nuts & seeds, legumes and whole grains. To make this a complete meal, add a serving of protein like edamame beans, crispy baked tempeh or tofu. You can also easily replace one or more of the veggies, using cabbage instead of lettuce, beets instead of carrots, pear instead of mango for example. A delicious salad is composed of a variety of textures and flavours, and a bright, well seasoned dressing.
Tip: The cucumber and carrots were sliced using a julienne peeler, helping transform this into a slaw. I recommend getting one of these useful kitchen tools, as it can make salads more interesting, especially for those transitioning forwards a plant-based diet. Most kitchen ware shops carry this tool, or you can buy it online HERE. Zyliss is the brand I like best!


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