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As a Holistic practitioner, I believe that every person is unique, and create highly customized Diet & Lifestyle Plans – to effectively suit each individual. Based on the understanding that all aspects of a person’s health are connected, I also consider multiple areas of an individual’s life including:

 Cooking Habits • Physical Activity • Energy Levels • Stress Management • Sleep Quality • Relationship with Food

During our One-on-one sessions, I provide personalized nutritional information, health guidance, organizational tools, and ongoing support – to help you successful meet and maintain your health goals!



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Latest Recipes

'Gado Gado' Rolls With Crispy Tempeh & Peanut Sauce.

This whole food, plant-based recipe was inspired by the flavorful cuisine of Bali, Indonesia - where I had the pleasure of visiting last year. Indonesia is the home of Tempeh - a protein-packed fermented soybean 'cake' with a distinct texture, and slightly nutty, umami flavor. It is found in many regional dishes, including Gado Gado - a salad made with blanched vegetables including cabbage, green beans, bean sprouts, hard-boiled egg, fried tofu, tempeh, and peanut dressing. My 'winter version' of summer rolls aka rice paper rolls, this recipe is composed of mostly cooked, warming ingredients instead of raw. Seeing as cabbage is significantly more nutritious than rice paper wrappers, these rolls are an even healthier choice!

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Cashew Butter, Maple & Lemon Glazed Raw 'Donuts'

While not actually made with traditional 'dough', these whole food, plant-based 'donuts' are a delicious AND nutritious treat! Using nuts and dates as a base, one can create many different raw sweets - of all shapes and flavors. As a lover of lemon, I was inspired to make a lemon-infused dessert, that would bring brightness and tang to the almonds and dried fruit. Including fresh ginger, cinnamon, and cocoa, also makes these 'donuts' more flavorful. With no refined sugars or oils, you can feel good about enjoying this no-bake healthy dessert!

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Roasted Sweet Dumpling Squash, Apple & Walnut Brassica Salad.

This seasonal salad is packed with fiber-rich complex carbs (for stable energy), vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, Omega 3's, protein and deliciousness! The comforting roasted squash, hearty winter greens, fresh parsley and apple, sweet cranberries, and crunchy walnuts create a balanced bite. I suggest preparing enough for 3 days worth of whole food, plant-based meals - making the most of your cooking time!

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