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As a Holistic practitioner, I believe that every person is unique, and create highly customized Diet & Lifestyle Plans – to effectively suit each individual. Based on the understanding that all aspects of a person’s health are connected, I also consider multiple areas of an individual’s life including:

 Cooking Habits • Physical Activity • Energy Levels • Stress Management • Sleep Quality • Relationship with Food

During our One-on-one sessions, I provide personalized nutritional information, health guidance, organizational tools, and ongoing support – to help you successful meet and maintain your health goals!



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Latest Recipes

Smoked Carrot 'Lox' & Silken Tofu 'Cream Cheese' on Seedy Crackers.

My whole food plant-based version of smoked salmon and cream cheese, featuring carrots and silken tofu! This light and tasty healthy snack, or appetizer provides a balance of fiber-rich complex carbohydrates, plant-based protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is also simple and easy to prepare! The shaved carrot 'lox' requires a quick marinade, using hickory liquid smoke, fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper. This mixture tenderizes the root vegetable, and provides a smoky, briny flavor. The soft silken tofu is blended in a food processor with 'cheesy' nutritional-yeast, and umami-rich white miso - offering a smooth and savory schmear. Mary's crackers serves as the base of this recipe, made from a handful of wholesome, nutritious ingredients - this is one of the few packaged products I recommend. However, one can also use another whole grain, unrefined cracker or bread instead. Classically paired with 'smoked salmon', the fresh dill is an important component to this recipe (not just garnish), as it brightens the dish and brings all the flavors together!

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Dark Chocolate Dipped Almond-Stuffed Dates with Pistachio & Orange.

Sweet and sticky dates are nature's ultimate candy! Wonderful on their own, and even more delicious when jazzed up like this. Stuffed with crunchy toasted almonds, dipped in slightly bitter dark chocolate, coated in nutty pistachios, bright orange zest, and sea salt - this plant-based recipe is rich in flavor and nutrients. Naturally 'packaged' in individual-sized portions, these stuffed dates are a small, yet satisfying treat - composed of wholesome ingredients. To me, it is perfectly healthy to enjoy a homemade plant-based dessert like this on occasion - as part of a balanced diet!

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Savory Turnip Tart with Sweet Red Onion & Fresh Dill.

Inspired by a potato and dill dish my Eastern European grandmother used to make, I decided to recreate this comforting childhood recipe using lower glycemic turnips instead of starchy potatoes - for balanced blood sugar. Thinly slicing the turnips, and slowly baking them, helps to release their natural sweetness, and cut the subtle bitterness of this seasonal root vegetable. While my grandmother's bake contained plenty of vegetable oil and margarine, I lightened up the dish by using just a couple tablespoons of heart-healthy olive oil. Incorporating sweet red onion was another adjustment I made to the recipe - for additional flavor, texture, and nutrients. The fresh dill is what really makes this recipe reminiscent of my grandmother's version, offering aromatic freshness and savoriness!

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